love is a verb

April 29, 2009

I was also approached to do the logo for an early morning clubnight at a night club in Ibiza at a place called Tiffany’s. Think you can guess the name of it?


The text for ‘Tiffany’s’ is the club logo, so they wanted fairly script-y text to go with it… this kind of font’s not really my favourite, but I enjoyed the challenge anyway.


I also had to convert my Rollerpalooza poster into a double-sided leaflet, which was more difficult than I expected it to be as there was a lot of information to include. Still, we got there in the end:



March 18, 2009

I’ve also finished the product design for Rollerpalooza; after consulting with Sophie and twiddling the logos about the client and I finally came up with something everyone’s happy with. Hooray!


March 6, 2009

After that the client wanted a few things tweaking, such as more bands mentioned and the logos tidying up and such. Although I liked the sunburst design I was a little worried that it was a bit too busy visually – I could kind of feel my eye skittering all over it rather than taking any of the information in. As a result, I provided two options; one with the original design, and one with the features slightly toned down a little (and a new font, ’cause I wasn’t sure I liked Telegraphem).

…I fail at typography. Graham would be ashamed.



The client was still keen on the first design, so I’m working with that one.

rollerpalooza continued

March 6, 2009

So I then started to come up with some poster concepts. This was harder than I anticipated just because there was a lot of information to fit in the the space and because I felt the logo itself should remain the most important illustrative feature. I was also conscious that I shouldn’t be going too cutesy or twee with it, because although I do naturally gravitate towards cutesy and twee it doesn’t really fit the spirit of the gig (in the organiser’s own words, “people will be skating around, drunk, while Black Lips are vomiting all over the place, essentially”). So this is what I came up with:





I liked the third one best (retro sunbursts ftw!) and so did the client, funnily enough.


March 6, 2009

Currently working on a logo and poster for a DrownedinSound and Death by Shoes gig in Sheffield – it’s a roller disco (!) featuring lots of bands and DJs, which sounds like some fun times. I was first asked to come up with a logo to feature on the poster and be used elsewhere (such as Facebook and DiS) so came up with a few quick ideas:


The one on the left was the first one that I came up with and although I kind of had a gut feeling that it was what I wanted from it I thought it best to provide a choice, so I came up with the other two… and the client liked the first one best anyway. He asked me to provide a few varieties of that one and the right-most one using the DiS black and pink, so I provided this:


And we settled on this:


waving your colours around

November 10, 2008


Passed this in Manchester today and had to take a photo. Little multicoloured ghosts? Nibbly monsters? Who knows, but I like them. Works well with the handwritten font too, actually. I know you shouldn’t judge a book (or album) by its cover, but I’m tempted to check out this Travelling Band. Then again, I liked the artwork for Keane’s second album but I still wasn’t going to touch it with a 10ft barge pole…

Yes yes I know, an icon journal, but! Said iconer has a real knack for cropping, white space, muted colours and text. There’s a lot more you can do with a 100×100 pixel box than previously thought. They’re what I’d like my own icons on Livejournal to look like if I could be bothered to do any more to them than up the contrast and brightness. Lovely stuff.