Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying the Gmail inbox themes? Specifically, Bus Stop. I love how it’s supposed to be linked to your location, and the weather changes from time to time, but doesn’t have any real relevance to what’s going on outside. Today is not ice-cream weather, that’s for sure.


Okay. Sleep now, before I pass out at the computer and end up with keyboard face.


death is a shade of hue

December 5, 2008

So for my website designs I’ve been looking at ways to display both my professional site and the slightly more fun one I want to create. Sophie showed me this: http://www.qubik.com/ where the work is laid out very simply on a while background, with a link from each image to a description of the work. I like its no-nonsense approach (even if I’m not keen on the way the text overlays the images) so I decided to work in a fairly similar way.

I’ve also been looking at inspiration for the other, more fun site, and have been looking at http://www.uglydolls.com, who I’ve always loved (my favourite’s Wedgehead, and I have him in plush!). I like the fact it’s a very interactive site and you’re basically invited into the Uglydolls’ world, walking around Uglytown where different buildings lead to different things.