Bianca’s just informed me of a competition to design the cutest vector character! I think I might enter next week. My characters tend to be cute and slimy rather than cute and fluffy, but it’s worth a go yes? Yes.

Also found this via Creative Spark’s blog: Real Life Photoshop. How awesome is that?!


Brooke Nunez! If I had a pound for the amount of times I’ve mentioned her whenever I’m talking about awesome illustrators, I’d have… quite a few pounds, I guess. LOOK AT HER VECTORS THOUGH. I prefer her more blocky, gradient-free illustrations but that’s just personal preference I think – she’s definitely good at using gradient mesh without making it look like she’s just trying to photographically reproduce an image, too. There’s a stylisation to them. You can hover over the images to see the shape outlines she’s used and they’re just crazy. They must take her forever, but my god the payoff’s worth it.

Oh man, Ippei Gyoubu. He makes me cry with how good he is. Bold, clean, and just a little bit odd, with a real knack for composition and a way of making just about anything seem playful. A direct link to his gallery is here – click through, and be awed.

Behold! A blog, for my new endeavours as a dedicated Visual Communications student, interested in the Visual communications world. Here, I shall be documenting links to images, artists and articles relevant to my own practices and studies. What fun. Shall we begin? – The Livejournal Vector Community. Not had so many posts recently, but I’ve had some real inspiration from there before, especially in the use of black lines and shading from a few of the contributors. I’ve stopped going for the gradient-mesh’d, hyper realistic style, though – it seems like way too much work for something that ends up looking like a slightly plastic version of a photo. Illustrator is to be PLAYED with. Yesh.