March 18, 2009

Great news – the florist work is almost done! I’m really proud of the illustrations I did for it and I’m sure Creative Spark are doing a great job making the website suitably fabulous. I’m just having to put together some greetings cards using elements from the illustrations now, which should be fun. My flatmate tumblr’d (is that a verb yet? I’m sure it will be soon) some lovely designs that gave me some inspiration:





I think they’re by Carrie Gifford, of Red Cap Cards.


do want.

March 9, 2009




i went out to find some light

February 27, 2009 – Starting Up

Fear. I has it.

It’s been a funny two weeks for me, which haven’t really let me devote much time to my final major project. This means I’m feeling a bit off kilter and out of practice when it comes to my work. However, I know there’s a few things I need to start getting a move on with, so I’m going to try harder with those.

Firstly, I’ve just been contacted by a friend of a friend who organises gigs for DrownedinSound in Manchester and Sheffield to do a poster for a roller disco with the Black Lips. According to the organiser “I’m thinking something that makes a big deal of the fact it’s at a roller disco – people will be skating around, drunk, while Black Lips are vomiting all over the place, essentially… it’ll be quite a night!”

…I love my job sometimes.

Secondly – mailouts. I’ve been trying to do these for ages, looking at other examples (as found in earlier posts on this blog) and I still don’t feel like I really know where I want to go with this. The main problem is that I’d like to make it illustrative, but I also don’t want my design to immediately pigeonhole me as only able to work in one style the same way that David and Sophie warned me my jaffajam design might if I used it as my portfolio site. So then I think maybe I should avoid illustrating it specifically and just make it a nice brightly coloured but abstract design, but even then I’m indecisive as to how it should look!

Thirdly – the Computer Arts Graduate Showcase. I really want to enter this but as I can pretty much submit anything, I don’t have a clue what I want to send them. I’m thinking whatever I do submit could also make up part of my exhibition, so I really want it to be quite visually striking and interesting, but I need to start thinking about what I want to illustrate. I’d really like to mix my interest in creative writing and my illustration skills again, but I’m beginning to think they come from different bits of me; my illustration is fun monsters and happy things while my writing is relationships, overly complicated vocabulary and generally Srs Bsns. So maybe not. I think I need to spend a bit of time in the library getting some inspiration together, and also looking back over things I’ve posted in here, especially exhibition work.

natural disaster

February 27, 2009


(via jessicachu )


February 10, 2009

just start over again

January 28, 2009

According to Graham I need to get mahself a business card.

…I hate trying to design one thing to sum up everything I do as a designer. But I suppose as long as I grab attention and put across one thing that I do, people might check out the website so they can see everything else I do?

Anyway, business card design research:

I’m thinking of having all the important info on one side and then an illustration on the back. But what illustration?

Just stumbled across this:

…Too amibitious? It’d be quite a fun thing to post out with my promotional pack if I designed my own. But it depends whether anyone would actually be bothered to put it together.

“This is a series of journal entries I wrote for Creative Latitude documenting my self promotional process for finally taking the step to be an illustrator. These articles were later published in the 2006 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market. Note: Some links may not be active anymore.”

I think the main issue with my promotional material (including CV and portfolio) is that I need to show that I’m flexible within my range of skills. It would be very tempting to plaster this all with my Jaffajam characters, but I run the risk of doing the same thing I almost did to on my last project – presenting myself as one-dimensional. Obviously the portfolio will show a range of my work, but I need to hold any potential client/employer’s attention long enough beforehand to have them actually read the thing.

I’m liking the idea of having something A4ish that packs relatively flat for ease of posting but opens out into something fun like the Of Montreal cd artwork (though not as complicated, maybe just like two sides that fold out from the middle). Then I could include a pocket at one side to slip in the CV and cover letter and make the rest look rather lovely. I’m just not sure quite how the loveliness will look yet. I suppose if I design the pack itself first I can try out a few ideas for what might go on it later…