May 6, 2009

Sooooooo now let’s look at the kind of imagery and style that’s out there for Roller Derby, first with a cursory sweep of the mighty Google.


These ladies, though they appear to have had a terrible terrible collision with Photoshop (seriously, could they be any more airbrushed?) seem to be a nice example of the rockabilly/punk aesthetic that pervades Roller Derby. I think Roller Derby lends itself to the style because quad skates are so retro in themselves; there’d be a whole different look to the players if they wore roller blades, for instance. However, they’re a bit too overtly sexualised and perfect for my liking; one thing I liked about Roller Derby is the fact it seemed so inclusive and how it didn’t really matter about body shape. Quite amused by the single injury on each of them, too, including the obviously fake one on the lady in the bottom left.


This is an illustration by Christy C Road for BITCH Magazine; it’s good to get a feel for what illustrations are out there already out there, and I think this image is slightly more true to what I’ve seen of Roller Derby (though I’m hardly an expert, I will admit freely).


I’m a complete sucker for retro Americana, though I’d never usually admit it; I was in Florida not so long ago and was quietly ogling all the real estate signs. It’s the colour schemes and the clean lines. So I was immediately drawn to this. I think with the roots that the sport has, with the peak of its popularity being in such a picturesque era, this kind of design works well with it.

This is by Jeral Tidwell and I love it; a proper old school rock n’roll piece of design, like the individually printed concert posters you still get sometimes. Ngh. Great use of a restricted colour scheme, too.


A lot of posters have more of a scrappy punk aesthetic to them, which I enjoy too.

One thing I should note is that bouts generally have a bit of a tongue in cheek name, usually with some kind of pun in them, which echoes the names that the derby skaters give themselves.


…Art Deco? Why not? (Though I can’t really read the font on this :/ )


I also had to convert my Rollerpalooza poster into a double-sided leaflet, which was more difficult than I expected it to be as there was a lot of information to include. Still, we got there in the end:



March 18, 2009

Great news – the florist work is almost done! I’m really proud of the illustrations I did for it and I’m sure Creative Spark are doing a great job making the website suitably fabulous. I’m just having to put together some greetings cards using elements from the illustrations now, which should be fun. My flatmate tumblr’d (is that a verb yet? I’m sure it will be soon) some lovely designs that gave me some inspiration:





I think they’re by Carrie Gifford, of Red Cap Cards.


March 6, 2009

Currently working on a logo and poster for a DrownedinSound and Death by Shoes gig in Sheffield – it’s a roller disco (!) featuring lots of bands and DJs, which sounds like some fun times. I was first asked to come up with a logo to feature on the poster and be used elsewhere (such as Facebook and DiS) so came up with a few quick ideas:


The one on the left was the first one that I came up with and although I kind of had a gut feeling that it was what I wanted from it I thought it best to provide a choice, so I came up with the other two… and the client liked the first one best anyway. He asked me to provide a few varieties of that one and the right-most one using the DiS black and pink, so I provided this:


And we settled on this:


I got a copy of Skeletal Lamping by Of Montreal for Christmas, and the packaging and artwork is absolutely amazing – it all folds out from the middle into some sprawling tangle.







It’s by David Barnes and Nina Barnes. They also have the album in lots of different special editions, including ones that come with a t-shirt, or badges, or wall decal stickers, or a lamp, or everything merch-based that you could ever possibly want. NOM.

I also got a new phone today and took photos of the artwork to put as my background, which looks rather nice if I do say so myself.

Speedy Oxjam poster is speedy. I dunno if I like it yet. Maybe a bit too similar to the others? Though they did ask to keep the character for branding purposes. Oh well, I’ve sent it off, so I can see what they think.


…I should not be this tired. I slept about 11 hours last night. What’s wrong with me?

In other news, dude I love Eddie Izzard to the depths of my heart but those T-shirts aren’t inspiring. He should get me to make them. Oh wait, no he shouldn’t.

waving your colours around

November 10, 2008


Passed this in Manchester today and had to take a photo. Little multicoloured ghosts? Nibbly monsters? Who knows, but I like them. Works well with the handwritten font too, actually. I know you shouldn’t judge a book (or album) by its cover, but I’m tempted to check out this Travelling Band. Then again, I liked the artwork for Keane’s second album but I still wasn’t going to touch it with a 10ft barge pole…

Yes yes I know, an icon journal, but! Said iconer has a real knack for cropping, white space, muted colours and text. There’s a lot more you can do with a 100×100 pixel box than previously thought. They’re what I’d like my own icons on Livejournal to look like if I could be bothered to do any more to them than up the contrast and brightness. Lovely stuff.