everyone’s so intimately rearranged

April 4, 2009

3. Been trying to think up a few ideas to submit for the Northern Design competition, which has been oddly difficult – it’s an open brief, and without any prompting I’ve felt a little adrift. However, I drew this a while ago and thinking about submitting it:


I was just calling it “octopuses can fly eight kites at once”, but now it’s called “Tako Tako”, because as is my understanding (and correct me if I’m wrong) I’ve accidentally created a Japanese pun – it would seem that 蛸 (octopus) and 凧 (kite) are both read as ‘tako’. I had no idea about this when I was drawing it – it’s such a wonderful coincidence!

Incidentally I feel I should post the inspiration for this image: it comes from a lovely trip to Whitby last September with a friend and my dad, where we saw kites flying by the Abbey.





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