look what he’s picked up in the park

February 28, 2009

So I’ve been thinking about my mailouts and about the Graduate Showcase work.

Regarding the Graduate Showcase entry, I found out that Jasper Goodall is the judge for the Illustration entires, which is quite interesting; he’s engineered a whole style of illustration that’s been relentlessly aped. Luckily it’s not a style that I usually use, but it’s worth noting he’s actually a bit sick of said style himself. Also today I spent a good bit of this morning in the library looking through illustration books trying to pick out the sorts of things I actually want to draw. I’ve also been looking back at artists that have inspired me in the past (hence the Chiho Aoshima repost). And the thing I’m realising is that I love making things up – that’s really how my love of storymaking comes into my work.

So what I think I might do is start thinking more about landscapes, ones that suit the characters I’ve used in the past, working more on creating whole self-contained scenes. I think if I produce some works like these, they’ll look good both as submissions to Computer Arts and also as part of my end of year exhibition. The design might also translate onto t-shirts and suchlike, so they can be multipurpose.

With the mailout, I had a look at Paperwork by Nancy Williams, but a lot of the clever things in there I’m a little worried will be quite expensive. Still. What I’m thinking is a little leaflet with staggered pages, so that when they’re shut several layers of images can all be seen at the same time. Sketches to follow.


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