and what she said was something beautiful

January 26, 2009

So I have a new project to play with! A lovely little florist’s shop in Manchester is having their website redone and I’ve been called in to draw pretty things for it – in the same vein as the bird and tree illustrations I did before only a bit more floristy. Flowers and birdies and watering cans and a pug dog called Frank. Some elements of what I draw are going to be taken off and used on some greeting cards for the shop as well, which is something new I’ve not designed before. This should be quite a fun little thing to do actually… I’m going to print off the website template I’ve been sent and try some stuff out by hand, scan ’em, and send ’em back where they came from to start with rather than plunging straight into Illustrator.

Notes to self:
Stay out of white, though you can break the boundaries a little
Lighter to play with
Dark won’t be seen as much on most screens, so bear that in mind.
950px x 250px is your main space

Updating my CV and portfolio and the like today. What do you know, I’m like a proper grown up illustrator.


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