the dark side of the sun

January 19, 2009

So! New year, new project(s). My Final Major Project, in fact. I’m going to carry on more or less as I did before, with lots of little bits and pieces that all contribute towards making me a fitter, happier and more productive illustrator.

Firstly: freelance live briefs. Anything and everything that comes my way, so that I can expand my portfolio. I have a few bits and bobs on the horizon, but I’d like to have a fairly steady stream of things to work on from now until the deadline, if possible.

Secondly: professional development stuff, to tie in with the PPD work. This includes keeping my websites updated, developing my physical and online portfolios, making my CV look fabulous and also putting together some sort of nice pack to send out to agencies so I can go “oh hay, I’m quite good, you should give me work.” I’d also like to see if I can work on selling some bits and pieces directly, through either my own website or somewhere like Etsy – carrying on the t-shirt printing and suchlike.

Thirdly: A self-directed brief. My mum’s work (which, handily enough, is a picture framers) is part of an initiative in Wakefield to display art around the city, and I would like to see if I can get something together to put up. Apparently I need about 15 16″x20″ prints, either limited or unlimited edition, and then they’re also for sale as well as being in nice frames for people to look at. Also, I’m considering entering either the YCN or the D&AD awards again this year – only one of the YCN briefs so far appeals to me, so I’ll go and have a look at the D&AD ones now, too.

Fourthly: the end of year exhibition. This ties in with all the other stuff really but I want a really visually striking OH HAY LOOK AT ME! kind of exhibition. With freebies and things to buy and things to go “ooh” at. YES.

Phew. We’ve got like 5 months, right? I can do loooooads in that time. If I want to. I feel a bit more like I know what I need to make a start on now I’ve written it out.


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