I went to see Of Montreal on Thursday. It was wonderful.



just start over again

January 28, 2009

According to Graham I need to get mahself a business card.

…I hate trying to design one thing to sum up everything I do as a designer. But I suppose as long as I grab attention and put across one thing that I do, people might check out the website so they can see everything else I do?

Anyway, business card design research:




I’m thinking of having all the important info on one side and then an illustration on the back. But what illustration?

badly photographed research

January 26, 2009




So I have a new project to play with! A lovely little florist’s shop in Manchester is having their website redone and I’ve been called in to draw pretty things for it – in the same vein as the bird and tree illustrations I did before only a bit more floristy. Flowers and birdies and watering cans and a pug dog called Frank. Some elements of what I draw are going to be taken off and used on some greeting cards for the shop as well, which is something new I’ve not designed before. This should be quite a fun little thing to do actually… I’m going to print off the website template I’ve been sent and try some stuff out by hand, scan ’em, and send ’em back where they came from to start with rather than plunging straight into Illustrator.

Notes to self:
Stay out of white, though you can break the boundaries a little
Lighter to play with
Dark won’t be seen as much on most screens, so bear that in mind.
950px x 250px is your main space

Updating my CV and portfolio and the like today. What do you know, I’m like a proper grown up illustrator.

January 26, 2009

I’m thinking about entering this, if I can: http://www.computerarts.co.uk/news/graduate_showcase_2009_call_for_entries. The idea is scary but it’s worth a go, right? Deadline 18th May 2009.

Also, people wanting to know about portfolios and jobhunting and freelancing and all that good stuff, get the current issue of Computer Arts magazine, ’cause it’s got lots of good articles on it.


January 26, 2009

Just stumbled across this: http://www.webdesign.org/web/vector-graphics/adobe-illustrator/create-your-own-flat-pack-toy.15998.html

…Too amibitious? It’d be quite a fun thing to post out with my promotional pack if I designed my own. But it depends whether anyone would actually be bothered to put it together.


“This is a series of journal entries I wrote for Creative Latitude documenting my self promotional process for finally taking the step to be an illustrator. These articles were later published in the 2006 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market. Note: Some links may not be active anymore.”

just trying to get healthy

January 20, 2009

Hmm. Just accidentally stumbled upon a place that I could possibly consider for t-shirt printing, if I choose to go down that path again: http://www.idressmyself.co.uk/services/screen-printing/t-shirts

“At I Dress Myself we recognise the importance of ethical trading and are committed to growing a business based on sound ethical values.

We only source products from companies with robust ethical standards and have chosen to use garments manufactured by Continental Clothing for this reason. Continental manufacture most of their garments in a factory in Turkey that they part own to ensure good working conditions. They are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and are currently working towards obtaining the Fair Trade mark. We buy tote bags, tea towels and aprons from Bishopston Trading. Based in Bristol they work with partners in rural India and import organic cotton goods with the sole aim of fair trading.

We are continually taking action to reduce our impact on the environment and undertake waste minimisation, recycling and the purchasing of environmentally preferable goods wherever we can. We use water-based inks that contain no harmful ingredients at all (unlike the harmful plastisol inks that most screen printers use). We only source organic cotton, organic cotton in conversion or bamboo T-shirts as it’s believed that 20000 people die per year in developing countries as a result of the pesticides used on cotton crops. You can read more about our commitment to the environment in our environmental policy.”

Not sure that I’d make a profit (or even break even) I did runs of 10 of my designs, but it’s worth thinking about…

Also, badge printing, potential as something to give away for the exhibition: http://www.awesomebadges.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1&osCsid=eaea4cd61e0a4c65ad07a6ac3537b39d

I think the main issue with my promotional material (including CV and portfolio) is that I need to show that I’m flexible within my range of skills. It would be very tempting to plaster this all with my Jaffajam characters, but I run the risk of doing the same thing I almost did to laura-siragher.com on my last project – presenting myself as one-dimensional. Obviously the portfolio will show a range of my work, but I need to hold any potential client/employer’s attention long enough beforehand to have them actually read the thing.

I’m liking the idea of having something A4ish that packs relatively flat for ease of posting but opens out into something fun like the Of Montreal cd artwork (though not as complicated, maybe just like two sides that fold out from the middle). Then I could include a pocket at one side to slip in the CV and cover letter and make the rest look rather lovely. I’m just not sure quite how the loveliness will look yet. I suppose if I design the pack itself first I can try out a few ideas for what might go on it later…