there’s nothing on the telly and the radio’s shite

December 11, 2008

I talked about last night, now to talk about Jaffajam! I had a bit of practice designing this when I first came with the concept I showed in the interim crit (this thing here) but I decided to change it a teeny tiny bit, not least to get rid of the big sign that said “laura siragher dot com”, seeing as it wouldn’t be anymore.

The thing with Jaffajam is that it’s a Stuff For Audience, site, but also more of a place to stamp my personality onto things – my professional website is all about me, sure, but a Serious Business side of me, I suppose. I wanted Jaffajam to look good, but be slightly more relaxed in its tone.

It’s frivolous, but actually thinking of a website name was the hardest part of the entire design. I wanted something fun and memorable that suited how I was going to design it, and after lots of looking at obscure things like anagram websites I looked at the jaffa cake I was eating and thought “yes”. After I had that it really was easier to design everything.

I used the same basic concept that I’d gone with in the original design, inspired by the Uglydolls website, in that it’s a little world you get to visit, and I stuck to the fields and blue skies and fluffy clouds thing because if I can’t have blue skies out the window I could at least have them on a screen. As you can see, the menus work much the same as I was going to have them before, image maps on a sliced-up image.


You can see that I link back to this blog from Jaffajam, so if you got here this way, hi! *waves*

I started to work on the make some friends’ page next. There’s certain characters I always seem to come back to when I’m working in this particular style and I felt they deserved a proper introduction, especially if I ever get to the point where I can print up t-shirts of them that aren’t awful (you can see in a previous post that I already tried printing Tsumglx).

I used my rollover making-things-move skills on this one, to add another layer of interest and make the characters seem more ‘alive’ – most of them are fairly obvious, in that things change when you mouse over the respective character’s name, but I slipped in one surprise one, in Belper’s stomach, for another layer of interest. Also on clicking the names, a small pop-up appears with a quick blurb of who each character is.


I decided to create Other Stuff as a way to show work that I think would clutter up, but I’m still proud of and would like to show. Because of time issues I actually ended up using the gallery I created in my initial design for this, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it like that – I’d like to redesign it to make it slightly more consistent with the rest of the site (like with the colour and shape of the grass). Some of the things in Other Things are actually on too, but a lot aren’t.


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