i love your whole philosophy

December 11, 2008

You know what? I’m bringing fimo back. (uh!)

I got a load the Christmas before last (and Sculpey, which is basically the same) and it’s BRILLIANT. I wanted to be Nick Park when I was younger and was a plasticine connaisseuse, and Fimo is like the plasticine for grown-ups because you can stick it in the oven and then keep whatever you’ve made forever. It’s one of the few messy things that I’m not really bad at.

I made these while at Creative Spark, and as a birthday present to a friend not that long ago I made a fimo Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke (yes, a lot of my non-college artistic endeavours seem to be Radiohead based. I enjoy this fact):

(Jonny enjoys banjo. Thom does not)

(Thom makes his feelings known).

I just enjoy a lot of things about working with Fimo – the bold colours, its consistency, the fact you can bake it. There are also some things I don’t enjoy (like the way it makes my hands feel, and how easy it is to get bits of another colour/tiny bits of fluff stuck to your model where you don’t want them, and the fact that you have to use black fimo last unless you want everything to be black) but they’re not important right now. So. There Will Be Fimo. At some point. Not in this project though, seeing as it’s a bit late.


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