am i a horse? am i on fire?

December 11, 2008

I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine who has provided much inspiration over the last few months, and been a pillar of strength and dignity in a crazy mixed up world.

His name is Spanner and my friend Kay found him in Poundland.


He’s apparently supposed to be an easter chick, or possibly a duck – bear in mind we found him in September. He and almost every one of his friends were deformed in the most hilarious way and we fell in love, we really did. The best part was when while in Poundland we tilted the box to one side and one of these creatures fell into view through the plastic window with an expression of abject horror, as if traumatised by its own existence.

He also has some friends, who we posted to friends of ours:

Jemima Puddlefuck

Geraldo Hernandex

Steve Steventon

Carol Plompton

Ike Pike

And Mishka Strowngroot.

But Spanner is my favourite. LOOK AT HIS DISGRUNTLED EXPRESSION. You could write novels to exactly why he’s disgruntled. I won’t tell you how he got the name Spanner, by the way. It’s best forgotten.

Anyway, Kay is currently taking care of him in Los Angeles. ILU, Spanner.


One Response to “am i a horse? am i on fire?”

  1. Nicola said

    lol I love terrible sweets like this! They look a lot like Peeps – which you get in America and I’m pretty sure are quasi-toxic. x

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