you reel me out then you cut the string

December 10, 2008

I… think I’m somewhat delirious from lack of sleep, or at least a bit typo-rific, so I apologise if this comes out somewhat incomprehensible. BUT! I need to talk about my websites.

After making the decision with David and Sophie to put my more image-based design into a separate website – basically splitting my work into Stuff For Client and Stuff For Audience – I first tackled the more professional one by redesigning I really wanted to strip this down and make it a real no-nonsense sort of thing, like the site sophie showed me, so I’ve stuck with the thumbnail-to-popup thing I had going on previously but made the gallery the front page and stripped it down to my most recent client-based projects that I felt showed of what I want to do as well as what I can do – it’s much more selective, rather than the mish mash of “everything I’ve done for the last 5 years” that I had going on.

I was debating how to do the thumbnails – you can see on that the thumbs are basically just scaled-down full versions, but I think my work loses something when it’s scaled down (you know, how it goes a bit fuzzy? And then you use Sharpen and then it’s too sharp? Maybe that’s just me being fussy, I like my lines clean dammit) so I decided to use crops. However, David mentioned that on first glance of the thumbnails in my old gallery – you know, this one – it would seem like everything I did was pretty much the same, and with this professional website I want to look slightly more diverse and adaptable. So I’ve made the thumbnails the main focus of the site, and also made them quite large, so that there’s more distincting between them

I was initially going to have a news page linking back to this blog (or a new one) but in the end I wanted to make it as straightforward and businesslike as possible, so all the menu contains is “work” and “contact”, and the contact page is just a short blurb, an email address and a phone number. Oh and a picture of me because I’m vain it made it a bit more interesting.

Something I’ve paid more attention to when designing this site is alt tags. I’m usually a bit lazy with them, which isn’t very good of me, but after showing my site to someone who works in web design she mentioned alt tags are quite important when it comes to search engines, so they’re worth doing.

Anyway, this very clean and straightforward site can be found at (as ever) laura siragher dot com.


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