christmas present!

December 28, 2008

AHHHHHHH STANLEY. It’s dinky – the print itself is probably around A5 size – but I love it.


I got a copy of Skeletal Lamping by Of Montreal for Christmas, and the packaging and artwork is absolutely amazing – it all folds out from the middle into some sprawling tangle.







It’s by David Barnes and Nina Barnes. They also have the album in lots of different special editions, including ones that come with a t-shirt, or badges, or wall decal stickers, or a lamp, or everything merch-based that you could ever possibly want. NOM.

I also got a new phone today and took photos of the artwork to put as my background, which looks rather nice if I do say so myself.

everyone has got the fear

December 16, 2008

Two things, which might possibly lead onto more things:



I like the first one best but, at the same time, it doesn’t really look like me. Well obviously it doesn’t look like me, it’s a tree. What I mean is it doesn’t look like I drew it. I dunno.

Speedy Oxjam poster is speedy. I dunno if I like it yet. Maybe a bit too similar to the others? Though they did ask to keep the character for branding purposes. Oh well, I’ve sent it off, so I can see what they think.


…I should not be this tired. I slept about 11 hours last night. What’s wrong with me?

In other news, dude I love Eddie Izzard to the depths of my heart but those T-shirts aren’t inspiring. He should get me to make them. Oh wait, no he shouldn’t.

Bianca’s just informed me of a competition to design the cutest vector character! I think I might enter next week. My characters tend to be cute and slimy rather than cute and fluffy, but it’s worth a go yes? Yes.

Also found this via Creative Spark’s blog: Real Life Photoshop. How awesome is that?!

now here is nowhere

December 11, 2008

Things I looked at while working on the packaging, that I realised I never blogged about:

Nick wanted “the look and feel of a very tradditional English / Cambridge – Oxford scene along the river” and my first thought was Art Deco.

I also ended up subconsciously chanelling the wonderful Stanley Donwood, though in a less apocalyptical way, with the way I designed the water:

Oh Stanley. ❤ My flatmate’s getting me a Tiny Fleet Street Apocalypse for Christmas, and I’m very excited about it.I also need to frame my Eraser RMXs LP already, because it’s beautiful:



I talked about last night, now to talk about Jaffajam! I had a bit of practice designing this when I first came with the concept I showed in the interim crit (this thing here) but I decided to change it a teeny tiny bit, not least to get rid of the big sign that said “laura siragher dot com”, seeing as it wouldn’t be anymore.

The thing with Jaffajam is that it’s a Stuff For Audience, site, but also more of a place to stamp my personality onto things – my professional website is all about me, sure, but a Serious Business side of me, I suppose. I wanted Jaffajam to look good, but be slightly more relaxed in its tone.

It’s frivolous, but actually thinking of a website name was the hardest part of the entire design. I wanted something fun and memorable that suited how I was going to design it, and after lots of looking at obscure things like anagram websites I looked at the jaffa cake I was eating and thought “yes”. After I had that it really was easier to design everything.

I used the same basic concept that I’d gone with in the original design, inspired by the Uglydolls website, in that it’s a little world you get to visit, and I stuck to the fields and blue skies and fluffy clouds thing because if I can’t have blue skies out the window I could at least have them on a screen. As you can see, the menus work much the same as I was going to have them before, image maps on a sliced-up image.


You can see that I link back to this blog from Jaffajam, so if you got here this way, hi! *waves*

I started to work on the make some friends’ page next. There’s certain characters I always seem to come back to when I’m working in this particular style and I felt they deserved a proper introduction, especially if I ever get to the point where I can print up t-shirts of them that aren’t awful (you can see in a previous post that I already tried printing Tsumglx).

I used my rollover making-things-move skills on this one, to add another layer of interest and make the characters seem more ‘alive’ – most of them are fairly obvious, in that things change when you mouse over the respective character’s name, but I slipped in one surprise one, in Belper’s stomach, for another layer of interest. Also on clicking the names, a small pop-up appears with a quick blurb of who each character is.


I decided to create Other Stuff as a way to show work that I think would clutter up, but I’m still proud of and would like to show. Because of time issues I actually ended up using the gallery I created in my initial design for this, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it like that – I’d like to redesign it to make it slightly more consistent with the rest of the site (like with the colour and shape of the grass). Some of the things in Other Things are actually on too, but a lot aren’t.

am i a horse? am i on fire?

December 11, 2008

I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine who has provided much inspiration over the last few months, and been a pillar of strength and dignity in a crazy mixed up world.

His name is Spanner and my friend Kay found him in Poundland.


He’s apparently supposed to be an easter chick, or possibly a duck – bear in mind we found him in September. He and almost every one of his friends were deformed in the most hilarious way and we fell in love, we really did. The best part was when while in Poundland we tilted the box to one side and one of these creatures fell into view through the plastic window with an expression of abject horror, as if traumatised by its own existence.

He also has some friends, who we posted to friends of ours:

Jemima Puddlefuck

Geraldo Hernandex

Steve Steventon

Carol Plompton

Ike Pike

And Mishka Strowngroot.

But Spanner is my favourite. LOOK AT HIS DISGRUNTLED EXPRESSION. You could write novels to exactly why he’s disgruntled. I won’t tell you how he got the name Spanner, by the way. It’s best forgotten.

Anyway, Kay is currently taking care of him in Los Angeles. ILU, Spanner.

Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying the Gmail inbox themes? Specifically, Bus Stop. I love how it’s supposed to be linked to your location, and the weather changes from time to time, but doesn’t have any real relevance to what’s going on outside. Today is not ice-cream weather, that’s for sure.


Okay. Sleep now, before I pass out at the computer and end up with keyboard face.

Threadless attack!

December 11, 2008

Monster Mash Collaboration of HORROR:


Marshmallow Mayhem:


mmmh… Delicious:


I would have submitted the Jam Monster to Threadless had this design not existed. Now it looks like I copied. I didn’t, honest – I have the idle doodle in the back of my Critical Studies notebook to prove it.

Tin Can Surveillance: