vegan in furs

November 26, 2008

I. Am. REALLY BAD. At screenprinting.

Like, embarrassingly so. D:

I think I have failed at every single stage of the process so far. Well, I have the design, that’s fine, and I separated it into two colours, also fine, but all the practical stuff? EPIC FAIL.

For a start I think I didn’t leave the emulsion long enough to dry so when I exposed it and rinsed it off it went streaky at the bottom. I didn’t wash the shirts I was printing on so some flame-retardant stuff that was left on them resisted my ink and left bald patches. I keep getting ink on the bottom of the screen and making it smudge. And when doing the second colour I forgot to fix the screen down so it all shifted and was in the wrong place. And other highly embarrassing things that mean I never want to look Roger in the eye again.

The other problem is there’s hardly any time to be in the printroom – drop-in’s only really possible between 4pm and 6pm, or if you don’t need any help from staff you can kind of hope to get on with it stealthy-like around a scheduled class. I really need like a full day to get to grips with the bloody thing and not be so bad at it. And I don’t think I’m going to have the chance.

ARGH. D: D: D: D:


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