a delicate balance

November 19, 2008

So I had a crit last week, but I’ve only just had time to really write up what I go from it. I presented all of the work that I’ve done so far – my packaging, the Oxjam posters and flyers I’ve done, the t-shirt designs and what work I’ve done on my website.

Anyway my feedback was mostly positive, but my tutors raised the point of the division of my professional work and my personal work, using my packaging work as an example – they think I’ve managed to combine my own drawing style with the constraints of a professional project very well, compromising without compromising if you get what I mean, and it’s important to show to potential clients that I can do that, not just the personal style I want to use on my t-shirts and suchlike.

So, what they’ve suggested I do is divide my work up into two websites, using the designs I’ve been producing for something very me-oriented for my audience and then also having a very simple clean and professional design for my clients. I think this is a good idea, because it’s important to make a distinction between client and audience and that’s something I’ve not really done before.

So! A separate website it is. That is, when I think of the all-important name for such a thing…


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