what was that you tried to say

November 11, 2008


This is the first t-shirt print I am going to attempt, mostly because it works on a white t-shirt well and only needs two colours. I figure the simpler I start the better. I’m most worried about a) getting them the size I want and b) aligning the prints properly, but I think this is mostly a general fear of the unknown since although I have screenprinted before I’ve never done more than one colour and I’ve had supervision while doing so. Although I’m sure Roger has people turn up and ask him to explain screenprinting for the 5 bajillionth time every single day I’d rather go there with a little bit of preparation so I’m going to dig out the notes I made during the Collector brief and also try to persuade my screenprinting-savvy flatmate to come and hold my hand. I’m just going to try it on paper first, and then if that works I’ll buy a cheap t-shirt from Primark or something and try it on that instead. Then again, there’s a difference between the stuff you print on paper with and the stuff you print on fabric with, so maybe I should just go straight to fabric. More things to ask Nikki…


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