thus began my morbid fascination

November 11, 2008

Moar feedback and changes:

1. The dimensions of the box need to enable the complete punt to be seen. This is particuarly important becasue the ends of the punt are probably the most attractive. This will mean that the ends of the actual box will require some kind of filler, to enable this to work.
2. We are going to do away with the plinth / box. Therefore the box needs to be designed so that it holds the punt above the front lip.The base of this section of the box is to be blue
3. The window / lip at the front can be lower by about 5mm
4. The cambridge montage to be moved to the rear inside of the box so it is seen through the front window
5. On the front edge (replacing the Cambridge montage) can you add the ‘river montage’ and within this put the text:
Souvenir Wooden Punt & Punt Pole
Includes how to punt guide and history of punting (this text to be in a slightly smaller font, than the text above)
6. On the top of the box, in the flag motif, add ‘Cambridge & Oxford Punts’
7. On each end we need a visual image of a punt adding to the flag motif. On the Cambridge end the flag should come out of hte rear of the punt(the large flat base) and on the oxford end it should come out of the front end (the small flat base) This, as you probably know, is because punts are punted at different ends in each city.
8. On the reverse change the text in the large flag from ‘ includes history…etc’ to ‘Cambridge and Oxford’ punts
9. On the revers remove the text in the small flag, ‘this is not a toy’
10. On the base, add the text ‘this is not a toy’ immediately below the bar code
11. Also on the base, add the text. A quality wooden souvenir, manufactured in China to traditonal English design. (copyright logo) 2009 Visus Ltd, Cambridge, England.
12. Finally, would you like to add an acreditation for your design, e.g Box design by LS or Laura Siragher or something ? We’ve no objection provided it’s discrete, and it might help you in the future.

Whew. Should be alright. Mostly just shifting things about, I think…


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