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November 10, 2008


A happy customer with her finished article! Apologies for the crap photo, but you get the gist ja? Ja.

Speaking of Oxjam I had an email from Alex before I went to Heidelberg; she’d been contacted by someone who was organising another Oxjam event and wanted to use my design, but alter some things herself. Obviously I wasn’t too keen on this idea as it’s my own work and something I’ve spent time on, but I offered to make the changes she wanted myself, which means I can has another brief to work on. Blimey.

Dear Laura,

I’m the organiser of the upcoming ‘Oxjam Acoustic’ event, and I’ve just had a message from Sian about your designs, so thankyou very much for offering to modify them so I can also use them.
The only version of your design I’ve seen is the logo on the facebook group, I haven’t seen any posters or flyers. I’ll just briefly outlined what I’d imagined doing.

I thought it would work really well to modify the image in one minor way: Instead of having the image of a figure with a megaphone in the bottom left corner, I would like a simple image of an acoustic guitar with the colours continuing out from the neck or strings of the guitar instead of coming out of the megaphone.
If you’ve got an idea that you think would work better thats fine, but I would like the acoustic guitar theme to be used somehow in order to give it a slightly different identity to the launch night posters, but with other design ideas the same to create the continuity.

I’ve included an image of an acoustic guitar which I drew when I was thinking about a design which you can use if you like. It might look better filled in so that it is silhouetted as the megaphone-wielding figure is in the original design, with perhaps just the bridge, strings or sound-hole picked out in white as you see fit.

Other than that, the only things that need to be changed are the details of the event, which can fit in in the same way as they do on the launch night advertising, and the addition of the Oxjam logo and the registered charity statement for the posters and flyers.

The details of the event are as follows

The title:


The blurb:

An eclectic selection of Manchesters finest acoustic artists… and cake! at Sandbar on Wednesday 3rd Dec 8pm. Hosted by ‘Pico the Sponge’. Entry £4, all proceeds go to Oxfam

The Acts: (Josephine Oniyama is headlining)

Josephine Onyama
Mento B
Kev Fox
The Black Napkins

Would you please be able to do three versions; a facebook event logo (just like the one I’ve seen) a poster, and a flyer (the poster and flyer might well be the same as the poster but thats up to you)
The version for the poster and flyer must include at the top or bottom the OXJAM logo. I’d envisioned using the generic OXJAM logo rather than the OXJAM MANCHESTER one becuase its simpler but thats up to you (I have attached them both). Oxfam require that they are used horizontally not vertically.
The flyer and poster must also include the following statements as small print:

“This is an Oxjam event for Oxfam. Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales No 202918 and Scotland SCO 039042. Oxfam GB is a member of Oxfam International”

“Oxfam works with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering”

If you’re happy to, I’d be really grateful if you could give the design to me with the text as a separate layer or in any other form in which I can modify the text myself. This is becuase there is a possibility the details might change, in particular I have not had a confirmation from ‘Pico the Sponge’ yet. If you’re not happy to do this could you please do versions with and without the statement about ‘Pico the Sponge’. Obviously it would be better if I was able to modify the text myself anyway in case other details change.

Also, some or all of the posters and flyers will be printed in black and white, so please could you save them in grayscale as well as colour. It has occured to me that the ‘swirly bits’ might not look so good in grayscale so by all means modify them as you see fit for this purpose if you think it needs it.

Thanks very much for offering to help with this, I spent a morning in utter frustration at my inability to use photoshop and get designs working well without looking fussy and twee. What I liked about the material I’ve seen that you designed it the boldness of it and it would be great if the advertising for this event could use continued themes from the launch night, so thankyou!

So, nose back to zee grindstone Illustrator file again after my holiday…


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