waves of dark matter

November 4, 2008

So I’m going to keep the rest of the site in the same vein as the navigation, using the same characters and general scene, so the site is kind of like visiting a my own little world. (If only I did get to hang out with Tsumglx, sigh..)

Belper’s the link to the gallery so he’s going to feature in the gallery itself. At the moment my gallery is a table of thumbnails that when clicked open pop-up windows with the full image inside, and I still quite like this, so I’m going to stick with it, though instead of just opening up the image I’ll do an individual HTML page for each image so that I can include client/concept information underneath.

When slicing up the image in Photoshop I included a grid of squares that I could deleted and then replace with the thumbnails. This proved a little more difficult than I though because the squares weren’t quite evenly sized, and if the thumbnails were too large they shifted the whole image about and messed it up. Anyway, it gave me the chance to edit what images I wanted to include in my gallery, so I think it’s a bit more focused than it was before:


So there’s a mix of work I did for Creative Spark, other client-driven work and a few pieces I did for my own entertainment that are still relevant. AWESOME.


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