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There’s going to be another colour on top of this, to give him his eyes and suckers.

Hmmm. He needs a name. What’s his name?



November 27, 2008

So. I’m getting a bit better at the whole printing thing, at least a little bit; I ended up taking Sophie’s advice and buying my own print kit. It’s not a Speedball, it’s one by Daler Rowney, but it came with System 3 acrylics and print medium and stuff so it’s all good. It’s taken me a while to get the hang of what I’m supposed to be doing but I’m definitely getting there; the screen’s all good, it’s just having the confidence to print the thing in two swift strokes and not hesistate. I’ve been taking pictures as I go along, so I’ll post them once I have a nice successful print.

vegan in furs

November 26, 2008

I. Am. REALLY BAD. At screenprinting.

Like, embarrassingly so. D:

I think I have failed at every single stage of the process so far. Well, I have the design, that’s fine, and I separated it into two colours, also fine, but all the practical stuff? EPIC FAIL.

For a start I think I didn’t leave the emulsion long enough to dry so when I exposed it and rinsed it off it went streaky at the bottom. I didn’t wash the shirts I was printing on so some flame-retardant stuff that was left on them resisted my ink and left bald patches. I keep getting ink on the bottom of the screen and making it smudge. And when doing the second colour I forgot to fix the screen down so it all shifted and was in the wrong place. And other highly embarrassing things that mean I never want to look Roger in the eye again.

The other problem is there’s hardly any time to be in the printroom – drop-in’s only really possible between 4pm and 6pm, or if you don’t need any help from staff you can kind of hope to get on with it stealthy-like around a scheduled class. I really need like a full day to get to grips with the bloody thing and not be so bad at it. And I don’t think I’m going to have the chance.

ARGH. D: D: D: D:

November 19, 2008

Sophie’s been recommending the purchase of my own little mini screenprinting kit, which I’m actually really tempted to do because I think I’d be more inclined to get my arse into gear and do it if I had my own. http://www.artistmaterial.co.uk/acatalog/Screen_Printing_Kits.html has one for £38.30 which isn’t bad at all but the adding-to-cart thing doesn’t seem to be working, at least on this computer. Still, I’ll keep a hold of the link just in case it works on another browser/computer/whatever…

I finished making all those adjustments to the punt packaging that Nick wanted on Monday, so now the packaging looks like this:

box outside




Had a quick email from Nick yesterday saying that they’ve had some very positive feedback (Initial feedback includes ‘excellent’ ‘really nice’ and ‘I LIKE THAT’ – Final bits of feedback to come soon, but I can say we are ‘looking good’) so fingers crossed we’re almost at the end of this project…

Thinking about creating my t-shirts, rather than printing them, by using applique – basically a form of fabric collage, layering of fabric on top of each other into the design you want. My knowledgeable flatmate reckons it’s doable, using either Bondaweb (some special… stuff that sticks fabric together) or just plain stitching the thing. Bondaweb is faster but we’re not sure how wash-resistant it is; stitching is more reliable but would probably have to be done by hand in order to stop the fabric bunching up as you stitch it, so would take forever and a day to do, leaving me with a significantly reduced will to live (especially if I get lots of orders).

I have a Christmas present I need to create however, so I might try the applique approach for that one at least, and see how it goes. I’m not the best at sewing in the world but I’ve managed to create a small cuddly Thom Yorke in the past and didn’t bugger that up, so I should be alright.

The only thing that’s worrying me about considering this is the fact I’m partially doing it because I’m too chicken to sort out the screenprinting…

In other news, that isn’t really related to anything, Stephen Fry has Twitter. Is there anything that man can’t do? ❤

a delicate balance

November 19, 2008

So I had a crit last week, but I’ve only just had time to really write up what I go from it. I presented all of the work that I’ve done so far – my packaging, the Oxjam posters and flyers I’ve done, the t-shirt designs and what work I’ve done on my website.

Anyway my feedback was mostly positive, but my tutors raised the point of the division of my professional work and my personal work, using my packaging work as an example – they think I’ve managed to combine my own drawing style with the constraints of a professional project very well, compromising without compromising if you get what I mean, and it’s important to show to potential clients that I can do that, not just the personal style I want to use on my t-shirts and suchlike.

So, what they’ve suggested I do is divide my work up into two websites, using the designs I’ve been producing for something very me-oriented for my audience and then also having a very simple clean and professional design for my clients. I think this is a good idea, because it’s important to make a distinction between client and audience and that’s something I’ve not really done before.

So! A separate website it is. That is, when I think of the all-important name for such a thing…

November 16, 2008

OMG. Pantone Panettone! Nerdy design jokes ftw, especially when they involve cake!

Moar feedback and changes:

1. The dimensions of the box need to enable the complete punt to be seen. This is particuarly important becasue the ends of the punt are probably the most attractive. This will mean that the ends of the actual box will require some kind of filler, to enable this to work.
2. We are going to do away with the plinth / box. Therefore the box needs to be designed so that it holds the punt above the front lip.The base of this section of the box is to be blue
3. The window / lip at the front can be lower by about 5mm
4. The cambridge montage to be moved to the rear inside of the box so it is seen through the front window
5. On the front edge (replacing the Cambridge montage) can you add the ‘river montage’ and within this put the text:
Souvenir Wooden Punt & Punt Pole
Includes how to punt guide and history of punting (this text to be in a slightly smaller font, than the text above)
6. On the top of the box, in the flag motif, add ‘Cambridge & Oxford Punts’
7. On each end we need a visual image of a punt adding to the flag motif. On the Cambridge end the flag should come out of hte rear of the punt(the large flat base) and on the oxford end it should come out of the front end (the small flat base) This, as you probably know, is because punts are punted at different ends in each city.
8. On the reverse change the text in the large flag from ‘ includes history…etc’ to ‘Cambridge and Oxford’ punts
9. On the revers remove the text in the small flag, ‘this is not a toy’
10. On the base, add the text ‘this is not a toy’ immediately below the bar code
11. Also on the base, add the text. A quality wooden souvenir, manufactured in China to traditonal English design. (copyright logo) 2009 Visus Ltd, Cambridge, England. cambridgepunts@btconnect.com
12. Finally, would you like to add an acreditation for your design, e.g Box design by LS or Laura Siragher or something ? We’ve no objection provided it’s discrete, and it might help you in the future.

Whew. Should be alright. Mostly just shifting things about, I think…


This is the first t-shirt print I am going to attempt, mostly because it works on a white t-shirt well and only needs two colours. I figure the simpler I start the better. I’m most worried about a) getting them the size I want and b) aligning the prints properly, but I think this is mostly a general fear of the unknown since although I have screenprinted before I’ve never done more than one colour and I’ve had supervision while doing so. Although I’m sure Roger has people turn up and ask him to explain screenprinting for the 5 bajillionth time every single day I’d rather go there with a little bit of preparation so I’m going to dig out the notes I made during the Collector brief and also try to persuade my screenprinting-savvy flatmate to come and hold my hand. I’m just going to try it on paper first, and then if that works I’ll buy a cheap t-shirt from Primark or something and try it on that instead. Then again, there’s a difference between the stuff you print on paper with and the stuff you print on fabric with, so maybe I should just go straight to fabric. More things to ask Nikki…