this life is not a prison

October 27, 2008

This packaging thing is taking far longer than I’d ever anticipated. Got an email from Nick over the weekend with a suggestion from the packaging manufacturers, to create something like this:

The thing about this, as I replied to Nick, is : This seems like a good way to present the model punt itself; however, if you wanted to still use my designs – and keep the Oxford/Cambridge branding – you’ll probably end up with double-sided printing – I’m guessing you’re okay with that. This is because the only way you’d really be able to see my design is by having it visible through the transparent plastic window. Part of it would be on the actual front, and then it would be repeated on the back wall – attached is a quick MS Paint diagram of how it might work. There’s also the issue of marketing to both Oxford and Cambridge – with this packaging you wouldn’t be able to use one box for both towns.

This was my highly technical MS Paint diagram (I didn’t have Adobe available at the time – it was rather depressing how badly I failed at drawing a simple line in this bloody program)

They’re cool with double-sided printing the package, but want me to look at wrapping my design (Oxford and Cambridge) inside and outside. Think I might have to give Nick a ring later and see exactly what he means by this – does he want me to merge the two towns together, or create two separate ones?


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