domestic ham is good enough

October 23, 2008

I have a slight conundrum with the punt packaging; after speaking to Nick on Tuesday about everything we came up with a plan to include a Cambridge view on one side of the box with a “Cambridge and Oxford Punts” sign, and then an Oxford view on the other side with “Oxford and Cambridge Punts” featured prominently, so that the people selling them can display the side most relevant to their particular location. However, the images I’ve come up with are a lot taller and narrower than the sides of the packaging, because I designed them for the top. So it’s either have tiny, squished to one side illustrations or not enough room for the banner explaining exactly what it is these little things are. There’s also a big gap on the top that’s not really doing much.

Allow me to explain visually (click the image to make it bigger):

So yes. Of course, one idea would be to just have the image on the top and bottom instead of both sides, but then the sellers would either have to swap the sleeve around on every one they were selling or display the product upside down, which I can see resulting in a lot of “throwing model punts onto the floor” scenarios.

I guess one thing I could do is to have the Oxford/Cambridge designs still on the sides, but put the sign on the top – just one, would Oxford really be so offended if it was second? – along with the little flashy bit saying “includes history of punting/how to punt guide” that Nick also wants included. Hmm. Maybe I should email Sophie.


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