old hollywood is over

October 21, 2008

Had a new project come in recently, that needs to be done fairly quickly; Oxjam Manchester are having a launch event on the 6th of November and want me to do the flyers and posters, preferably by Thursday. Blimey. I’ve been given more-or-less free rein over what I come up with, though obviously it needs to have enough information on it for people to know what, where and when it is. Also, Oxfam require you to have their logo on the publicity somewhere along with a short blurb about them being a charity and things.

Anyway, the launch event is called The Big Kick-Off, which is rather oddly football-themed for something that will be a gig, but whatevz, yo. My thought process has been kind of celebration, launch, countdowns, that kind of thing, so I ended up thinking about fireworks, and then finally electric lights, like the Leeds Lights switch-on or the Blackpool Illuminations. So I’ve been trying to copy the typography of those cheesy neon signs you get in American diners:

And come up with something where I’m kind of using the silhouette style I used on the Chief website as well. So, this is my first initial tryout, which I’ve tried to make fairly shiny-looking so that if Alex (the organiser) likes it I can pretty much send it to her straight away, once she tells me who’s playing.

The big space at the bottom is a handy spot to plonk some band names and a ticket price, once I know exactly what they are.

…not sure about the plug. For a start, how would it be still lit if it wasn’t plugged in? I tried to make it so that was what the little creature at the bottom was so surprised about, but maybe that’s just stupid. I JUST DON’T KNOW.

Incidentally if you’re in Manchester on the 6th you should go to this. Listen to good music! Save the planet! It’s all good!


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