once and never again

October 15, 2008

One thing I’m becoming very aware of when doing designs for these t-shirts is colour restrictions. I mean, I was aware that as I’m not exactly an expert at screenprinting, going all out with the multicoloured prints wasn’t going to be an option, but costing-wise, I’m actually having to think about using the same colour scheme for all of my designs, so that I’m not having to mix up 15 different pots of colour for 5 3-colour prints or something. Luckily since I’m designing everything in Illustrator anyway it’s fairly easy for me to keep the colours exactly the same.

Also while considering the colours of the designs I’m also having to consider the colours of the t-shirts; the safe (and cheap) bet would be for me to stick to white, but it’d nice to try to give a bit of a choice. Maybe that’s an idea for when I’m a bit more sure of supply and demand, as it were.

Found Fruit of the Loom plain t-shirts on Amazon, that aren’t too expensive and probably aren’t going to fall apart in the first wash. Will have to perhaps order just one to start with, to test everything out on.

Couple of ideas so far:

I’m a little nervous still about the whole actual printing… thing. However, my flatmate is a third-year textiles student and is just starting to work with multicolour screenprints, so what I think I’m going to do is ask her if I can come with her down to the print room and look over her shoulder as she’s working, before I have a go myself. I fear arriving at the print room with a few photocopies and a confused expression is a dead cert for incurring Roger’s wrath.


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