when I am older than these small goddamn hills

October 13, 2008

So after sending those initial sketches off, I got a call from Nick a couple of days later to discuss my ideas; though they’d been more contemporary than he’d expected, he’d liked them nonetheless, and particularly liked the design with ‘Oxford & Cambridge Punts’ enclosed in a banner. However, he thought it would be better to include recognisable Oxford and Cambridge landmarks in the artwork rather than just generic buildings (something I agree with – the generic buildings were mostly for times’ sake). We decided to use Kings College for Cambridge:

and the Radcliffe Camera for Oxford:

Nick also told me that the boxes would now have to be enclosed all-cardboard affairs (with no plastic window) and so the artwork would have to include a picture of the punt model on it somewhere, which he would send to me once the models were delivered. Working with what I had so far, I came up with these:

So now I’m just waiting to hear back from Nick about these.


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