damaged goods

October 13, 2008

So, when coming up with my initial ideas for this punting project I found it very hard to create the ‘traditional’ feel that Nick was looking for; although I can draw realistically under duress it’s neither my strong point nor the style I’m most comfortable working in and all my attempts ended up looking like bad cartoons. So, I decided to try meshing together my own normal working practice and something slightly more elegant, in an attempt to produce something that looked professional, eye-catching and still somewhat in keeping with what Nick wanted. So this was my first doodle:

The idea being a box with a plastic window allowing a view of the product itself, with the box design imitating the environment the punt would be found in. Like a little bit of Oxford or Cambridge to take home. From there I started to come up with a few variations:

Trying to come up with something elegantly stylised and yet still eye-catching.


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