Exhibition Notes: My I Like Event

May 27, 2008

I can’t really just rattle off a list of artists for this, because it wasn’t quite the same as walking around the Tate, was it? The My I Like Event was held in Opposite Café, just down the road from LCAD, on a very very rainy day, with live music, discounted coffee and plasticine by the ton.

I’ve seen the tags for My I Like around college a lot, and had indulged in filling out a couple; the premise is merely to record on one side of the tag something you like, and on the other something you don’t. In Opposite Café a lot of the ones that were already filled out were on display, along with fresh ones to fill out. There was also the opportunity to make models of likes and dislikes using the aforementioned plasticine, and to draw/paint them, and plenty of people decided to participate. I enjoy interactive exhibits (my friend and I once run foul of the Baltic Art Gallery stewards by participating in something we weren’t supposed to) and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and my friend, who mildly putting it isn’t artistically inclined, enjoyed it as much as I did.


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