Gallery Visit Notes: Tate Modern

May 23, 2008

Material Gestures

Emil Nolde – The Sea B, oil on canvas
Pablo Picasso – Goat’s Skull, Bottle And Candle, oil on canvas
Juan Uslé – Bilingual, vinyl dispersion and dry pigment on canvas. Energetic abstraction – show to Nikki!
Fiona Raw – Night Vision, oil and acrylic on canvas. Thick chaotic paintstrokes over flat angular background. Streaks of light in the dark?

Poetry and Dream

Jannis Kainellis – Untitled, charcoal, paper, arrows and stuffed birds. ‘The death of imaginative freedom’.
Max Ernst – The Entire City, oil on paper on canvas. Pessimism crumbling iron city. Forest and Dove, oil on canvas – enchantment and terror of childhood woods
David Alfado Siquieros – Cosmos and Disaster. Spanish civil war.
Matta – Black Virtue
Germaine Richier – The Hurricane, etching and aquatint on paper

State of Flux

Dieter Roth – 6 Piccadillies. Variations of a tourist postcard
Robert Rauschenberg! Remember him? 🙂


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