Gallery Visit Notes: Leeds City Art Gallery

May 23, 2008

Exhibition – Cult Fiction: Art & Comics

Travis Millard – surreal ink drawings, lots of winding tubes
Marcel Dzama – watercolour on paper. Did the artwork for Beck’s Guero! Delicate yet somewhat odd – bats, dancing creatures
Kerstin Kertscher – ink marker, hybrid pen on paper, collage. Sharp horizontal lines for shading. Prints onto the paper. Almost looks like a woodcut, sometimes…
Daniel Clowes – deals with very contemporary storylines with a retro, almost kitsch drawing style. Ghost World ❤
Posy Simmonds – really like her drawing style; simple, but not dumbed down
Paul McDevitt – reminded me of Chiho Aoshima for some reason on first glance. Somewhat unsettling scene, beautifully done in coloured pencil
David Shrigley – apparently really can draw! You learn something new every day. Beautiful wordless comic “Strange Toy Strange Child”. More typical film “Who I Am And What I Want”.
Debbie Drechsler – work dealing with abuse – “Daddy’s Girl”.


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