full up like a landfill

March 25, 2008


Oh Stanley. One thing I love about Mr Donwood is how he develops his concepts – it’s fascinating what things inspire him and where he takes what he’s been thinking about. It’s also fascinating to see the the processes he uses, often using antiquated presses or laborious techniques – I went to see If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now and was bowled over by the copper plates he’d used.

You can also see the man in action on Current TV also, which was a revelation when I’d only seen his email-correspondences interviews. I only even saw a decent photo of him in 2006. Check out him doing some screenprints for Pictures on Walls here (and the prints in question here).

Another interesting link about his thought processes for some of the Radiohead artwork is here, in support of his book Dead Children Playing (a signed version of which resides on my shelf).

Finally, check out my lovely signed print:


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